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Questions here are limited to just those few we expect will come about from time to time. If after reading for your topic and you don’t find an answer to your question feel free to contact us through Email at

Who or what is PowerSport Strategies?


Plain and simple, . It’s me. Thirty plus years in two of the industries that are near and dear to me. The power sports and outdoor power equipment business’. Along the way my professional experiences have paved a way for me to develop what we’re working on here. is the primiary product of PowerSport Strategies. I say “Finally” because I was subtly reminded a little while back, this has been an ongoing effort for over 10 years. Time to make it work. Also along the way I’ll be looking for and accessing products to represent to our focus market. Unique, eclectic and somewhat exclusive in nature and just a few of the points to consider. Believe you me, we’ll let you know what we take something like that on!     

“Just how does this whole thing work?”

Think of it like this: PowerSport Strategies through it’s website takes the place similar to a wholesale distributor representing various parts just like anyone else in the business. The difference in is doing is that for the moment we don’t stock anything. We represent the dealer and the thousands of new but older unsold parts you have sitting on your shelves. We’ll only allow your fellow dealers to search our database and once a part is found we’ll facilitate acquiring it making sure #1,The parts gets shipped correctly and in a timely manner and #2, Importantly= Making sure everybody gets paid.

“What’s your return policy in regards to parts acquired through”

Return any of any products within 30 days of purchase, is left entirely up to the discretion of the seller. Due to the nature of NOS parts, It should be fair to assume that returns would not be accepted. If the seller would accept the return, Ie: , shipping mistakes, misrepresented, manufacturer error etc, PowerSport Strategies will do all we can to facilitate your satisfaction

“What if I have a list of parts I’d like to include in your data?”

Simply UpLoad or Email it to us from the “UpLoad” page at or Email to (watch for file size limitations) We advise  that you don’t screen out ANY parts or suppliers from your report. Example, a “509 Parts Inventory – Obsolescence By Supplier” report from Lightspeed should include “all vendors”, minimum 12 months no sale or a time frame of your choosing. Preferably export the file to a .csv file or any Excel file. We’ll do the rest. 

“You Mean your just going to Upload everything from that list to”  

Simply put, . No For the moment we’re not allowing that process to be automatic entry into the database upon Upload. That could be disastrous.  What we will do is parse your list, make recommendations how we think you should proceed, what the listing cost will be and where we think you should consolidate, and or eliminate items from listing.

Ex: Let’s say on your list of 500 parts, there are 110 line items of no sale in 12 months that won’t total but to a few dollars. Our recommendation would be that we “Package or Bundle” those items of similar category to make ONE line item, but with a bill of materials for it’s contents. Offer to list it available for search utilizing search terms and tags for such packages for those other dealers looking for bargains or to fill a need.

“How is the price of parts on my list decided on ?”

You decide the price. It’s your inventory. But lets be up front by saying this is obsolescence not normally current stock. Inventory that by our research has been on the shelf on the average of an unbelievable 33 months!! When you price your OBS inventory out to us for be realistic. If your looking to capture gold prices for a ton of lead, your list won’t be successful, and neither will ours. Typically the actual dealer cost at the time of purchase is the starting point. Sure, there will be some negotiated items and we’re prepared to handle that for you. We think you’ll be happy with what we propose but you be the judge. Send us a file and we’ll get to work on it right away. To manage expectations, a large file, 1000+ items, might take a couple weeks to parse define and make good recommendations with.

“So,just anybody can get to list and  buy parts?”

Not at this time. We are not proposing to be an Ebay store, or an Amazon seller. We have a screening process in place that assist’s in the verification process to just dealers who can benefit either as a buyer or a vendor or both. Go look at the online form at If your not a powersport or an outdoor power equipment dealer, don’t bother. 

One day, maybe we  propose to you a Consumer Side to the process. But that’s further down the road. Baby Steps.

This has a familiar feel to it, why?

A few years back there was a company that did something similar. The premise was widely accepted and still is today. Perhaps they were ahead of their time curve who knows. But for sure two things are a prevalent pain in the backside for you guys, and that’s payroll, and inventory! And the concept we are putting together here with aims to help you with at least the latter of the two.

Nothing’s free, What’s This Gonna Cost Me?

Let’s face it, we’ve been talking about inventory that’s been just laying there gathering dust for an average of 33 +/- months! It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that you’d be better off with “Some Money” in the till’ rather than those older parts hanging around on the shelf. The cost of carrying inventory is estimated to be approximately 2% per month. Do some math. We have a four tiered listing system with a 60/40 split of the proceeds from the sale of any parts. You can see the complete pricing options on this Pricing Page

including the Tier levels and a full explanation of the 60/40 pricing plan. Pricing on the tier system can be as low as $0.0058¢, just over a 1/2 a penny per line item per month. Check it out!

I see how get’s paid, but how do I get MY money?

Yep. . got a plan for that to. Two Words : “Digital Wallet”. One of if not the most apprehensive subjects dealers have setting up new accounts is the personal and sometimes the financial information that has to be shared. Also, in another business model dealers didn’t get paid, only credit was issued. With some new technologies we’ve resolved about 95% of both these issues. Rarely will we ever need any information that doesn’t pertain to verifying your dealership, and even if it’s called for, does not handle your information or store it. Your “Digital Wallet” will receive your portions of the items we sell, you’ll simply be able to log into your account, download & direct your funds anywhere you want them to go. PayPal, Bank account or apply it to your card of choice. does not have to have any of your information. A $10 balance will be required before being able to download, but you can remove it all to $0! We only keep our monthly listing fees and then the agreed portion of the sale which neither is a part of your wallet balance, It’s All Yours! Consequently, you can leave the balance for future purchases, pay from your PayPal, or your card of choice through our approved credit card gateway, Stripe.

“OK! I’m in! What if I still have additional questions or concerns not addressed here?

Easy question, thanks for asking. . Go to Contact Page

and reach out to us with additional questions or comments. You can also send an Email to and we’re respond as timely as possible.

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