Upload your New Old Stock Inventory Files here. Example: In Lightspeed it’s a “509 Parts Inventory – Obsolescence by Supplier” report. Run the reports, save to file, then just upload the Excel File ( CSV, XML, XLSX, XLSM) that your Point Of Sale system generates.

Don’t know what format to use? No Worries! We’ll change it over to our format, scrub the list and make recommendations to you before we list anything!

It is fine and actually recommended to include ALL suppliers and ALL the respective parts on one report, however send as many as you need to, making sure that three things are clear.
  1. #1. Who is sending the report(s)
  2. #2. That each item has a source designation in the report PO=Polaris, HO= Honda etc)
  3. and #3. At a minimum the fields that you should include are: “Part Number”, “Description”, “Source”, “On Hand”, “Cost” , “Months No Sale”.
  4. Any other data is fine, but we need at least that much to begin. It doesn’t matter how many items are on the list, we’ll help you narrow it down to just what you want it to be. ~ Looking forward to hearing from you !

Upload files
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